Can you imagine? It's no surprise that I'm wanting an escape so to speak. I wouldn't want nothing more than to have a true and genuine connection. I'm big on energy. I love the idea of ultimately having a mutual understanding and become friends. As I elevate my emotional intelligence I have a better grasp on how relationships work and more importantly committing to one. Hopefully in the near future we can conversate more about that amongst other things.

I was never the superficial type. I prioritize what's between your ears. Beauty don't last forever and I'm about four ever with mines. I believe emotional and intellectual stimulation is essential to a foundation for any relationship. What is it with out it? What do you think?

Keep busy around here with all the usual activities such as:  working out, watching sports, cooking, listening to good music of all genres and hopefully letter writing soon too.  Also, I try to break up the repetitive routine of prison life by reading a lot to educate myself because it never gets old to learn something new. Now, I post this pen pal profile not only to reconnect with the outside world, but to also try and build bridges throughout this journey to open up my very small circle of trusted people in my life and acquire some genuine, sincere, and trusted friendships along the way.  I have learned over the years that any real friendship begins with; Honesty, Trust, and Respect.  These are qualities that I value and possess, so I hope that you do as well because they’re very important to me.  You also must have a genuine love for others regardless of their physical abilities, appearance social or financial status, age, religion, or ethnicity, as I do.

And if you would like to get in contact with me to connect network my number dx2251


Mikal Wright # DX2251
SCI Benner
Smart Communications PA DOC

P O Box 33028
St Petersburg   FL   33733   USA
Mikal Wright
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
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Ad Expiration:  07-15-22
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