Lamont Overby
Hi, my name is  Lamont Overby. I'm 47 years old… 

Unfortunately I'm locked up and been fighting for my freedom for years. I'm 6 feet tall, 175  lbs., Brown eyes, brown skin. Just looking to have some good conversations with somebody. No subject is off-limits. I'm ahead of my years. Twisted logic is something I'm not into. My moral framework is in place, I call it like I see it (a ball a ball/a strike a strike). I have no picks/preference when it comes to women, good friendship has no particular distinction.

You can email me on ( PA DOC has allowed us to have tablets to email. But if it's too hard to hook up you can write me via snail mail at address provided.

Hopefully that's not too much of a turn off. Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in South Philly surrounded by crime. I'm the youngest of 3 kids. My 2 older brother held me down and always had my back like a brace.

My legal situation is looking good but, one wouldn't think so, with me being locked up for 25 years! Guilty or innocent Pennsylvania going to find ways to hold you up. Mentally, one has to be solid as a rock, for these people will drive one crazy! The hardest thing to deal with is the many different personalities one has to adjust to daily. Mental health is very prevalent in society, but it's running rampant behind these gates and what's fortunate I've studied mental health and can identity a disorder when I see or talk with one that needs help. It's a lot of guys running around undiagnosed.

Well hopefully I didn't scare U? With that aside, I'm a very laid-back type of guy. I have one child he's 28 years old… Good relationship with. Sports? Very active/ athletic, topics? A lot of range, very broad… Music slow jams when I wanna chill.

I only have 500 words not sure if I'm over. But if U wanna hear more, get with me… It's much more better!

Lamont Overby # DS-1648 
Smart Communications /PA DOC

P O Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733 USA
Women, Legal Help
African American
Serving a Life Sentence
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