Herman Berumen
Herman Berumen # D42890
Mule Creek State Prison
P O Box 409020
Ione   CA   95640   USA
Hello, my name is Herman Berumen. I’m a 54 year old Mexican American originally from Los Angeles, California.

I’ve placed this ad with the intent of finding a penpal, someone mature enough to handle and understand what it means to have a relationship with an incarcerated man. Her age doesn’t matter as long as she’s openly honest and a caring, positive young lady, and of course hs a good sense of humor, a quick description and some info about myself.

I am a very respectful, soft spoken man, with fair skin and a few tattoos. I’m 5’9”, 190 lbs. I have green eyes, I wear my hair short and I speak both English and Spanish. I enjoy watching sports. I am a huge Dodgers fan.  I taught myself to draw as a pass time but it’s also a great hustle in prison, speaking of which I guess I could touch on a few case factors about why I am in prison. Although I can’t get into details due to my next parole hearing coming up as soon as next year. I can share that in 1985, when I was a juvenile, I got charged with a 187. I was later sentenced for a second degree murder 16 years to life and although most of my time hasn’t always been best spent in the pass I’ve actually grown enough in recent years that today I’m a better man, both spiritual and as a father figure, oh didn’t I mention earlier I have a beautiful daughter which I know is going to enjoy learning that I’ve finally decided to place this ad in search of a penpal, that said, I hope you decide to respond to this young guy’s ad.

Thanks for your time.
Herman Berumen

Ad Start: 02-17-22
Ad Expiration:  02-17-23
2nd Degree Murder
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
Hopefully Next Parole Hearing