Shaun Field
Hi, My name is Shaun. I have include my 128(G) criminal history,  to show the reader. I have nothing to hide and am willing to talk of my past but I posted it just to show the facts of what I did. Not to brag or advertise stupid behavior and drug addtion. The other side of the coin I posted my DD-214. I'm a decorated military Vet of the US Army. I also run the Vet. Group in this prison. I am a fountain of government programs for Vet’s.

I am going to “New Horizon’s” when I get a parole date and yes I will be out as soon as 2024 as longer than 2026. 2030 if I mess up in which I will not. My date has changed and it's due to my doing what the prison board hasastred of me and I still must be on good behavior until I am free.

I have skills and worte and have W2’s to prove all I say. Truck driver, chef apprentice and head cook. I was in food service in the military, college courses in Korean, American and Mexican Cuisine most of my life, ask me about a dish and I will tell you how to make it, test me and see. I am using my GI bill to get my own home and business when I get out.

I never used it and I have some great plans and if you like what you are reading, please get to know me, might be surprised.

Just don't wish to drag on and on here, about me.  I am looking for a special somebody that is why I am writing. She will be like my sister because I don't have a sister, just brothers. I have family and they will wish to know you as that is how family & friends are. I will keep all you say to me, between us and I can prove all I say and do with documents and facts. Meaning I don’t lie or waste people's time. I don't need money, I have my own. I want honesty and an open heart & mind. I love educated people. I like this person to be of age 30 yrs. and up. I have family who are in their teens and 20’s and I am not in this age bracket. I mean I am 60 yrs. old, yes I work out, see my picture. 250 lbs and 19 in arms should say something (no body) charming LOL. I do train and am fit . I eat better than most. I have a pet bird “milk dud” and a pet mouse whiskers”, as my pets in here. You will have fun with this pen pal,  I promise.

I can call you, not collect either. Or you can text me, please get on JPay and on my list. I will text you back. I promise you will laugh and I don’t take things all that serious.

So take a chance with me and see what happens.
Thank you for your time!

S. Field

Shaun Field # D-06197
Kern Valley State Prison
P O Box 5103
Delano   CA   93216   USA

Ad Start: 09-23-21
Ad Expiration: 01-23-23
Women, Friends
Caucasian, Greek
Carjacking, 3 Strikes
Release Date
Earliest Parole Date