Shaun Field
Hi!  I’m a newbie on writing anything, so please forgive the excitement and misspelling of my introduction letter.  I have included my 128(G) criminal history, this is to show the reader I have nothing to hide and will talk about my past but I posted it just to show the facts of what I did.  Not to brag or advertise stupid behavior and drug addiction.
The other side of the coin I posted my DD-214.  I’m a decorated military Vet of the US Army.  I also run the Vet group in this prison.  I am a fountain of government programs for Vets. Everything to using the V.A. hospitals for medical and dental.  I was admitted back in 1988, I had cancer, they took care of me for 5 months and I did not have to pay a dime.  Instead I was told thank you for your service. And I am going to “New Horizons” when I get a parole date.  Yes, I am a 3x striker and have an opportunity to get a date, as long as I show positive behavior and follow the rules instead of breaking them.  So I am doing just that, giving them “Prison officials” what they ask of me.  Been down going on 20 years and so this brings me to this Prison PenPals.
I haven’t really had much opportunity to make new friends or people who I can share things with, so here I am.
I will tell you real fast a little bit about myself and if you are interested in having me as a friend, please get on JPay and text me or write to me the old fashioned way.  I don’t need money from you or any financial help, I make my own money in prison.  I will tell you all this if you decide to write.  Got to keep some mystery about myself.  I love to cook, food service was a big part of my life.  I can cook most any American Cuisine, took college courses on Mexican and Korean Cuisine.  Talking Bagogie, KimChi, Korean BBQ and much more.  My girlfriend before she got deported was from Mexico.  She taught me so much about different dishes. You name it, I’ll tell you how to make it, sounds fair?  Anyway, I hope you get the jest of this.
I am a weapon expert of sorts as you can see on my DD-214.  Know most every weapon you can shoot, but being an ex-felon has put an end to that hobby.  I can talk about it, if you like.  I am your guy when it’s guns you like.
I had a great friend from Venice, Italy.  You see the “no alien” picture, I dedicated that to him.  I am aware of the immigration problem and the country being a vocal point, being politically correct.  I’m talking about Lampedusa, the hot spot for this.  I have a lot to offer my Italian brothers and sisters.  If you like to hear more and if you are a follower, not a leader, don’t write. All lives matter to me, this is what I mean.
I am a person who works when he is out.  I work two jobs most of the time, so if you are a Vet, like me, and can’t get a job, it's because you are lazy.  I have a serious criminal history and get hired on the 1st try.  So I know what I am talking about, I have my W2’s to prove it.
I can help you get loans, using your GI Bill, if you have never used it before.  Use the military bases to shop, save you a lot of money and so much more if you are an honorably discharged Vet.  Please test me and see all the stuff I can help with.
I am looking just for friendship and will tell you more about me if you take that leap of faith and write to me.  I am cool and what you tell me stays with me only. I was married a long time ago, my wife was my best friend, she died back in early 2000 and I have no kids, just me and a pet bird.  Yes I have a pet sparrow, named Milk Dud.  Had her for over 2 years and she is more dog than bird.  I am really trained in a lot of things, these things I will share with you, if we get to know one another better.  I don’t lie or make up things, so please don’t do this with me.  So, we don’t waste each other's time and heartbreak later.  Yes, it happened to me in the past and she tried to fix it after I found out she lied to me.  Just a waste of time and no reasons for it.  I am not important, just a regular guy who likes to play and joke and have fun. I like to watch good movies, read good books.
See my picture, can you tell I work out or are you going to body shame me?  Anyway, I've been in Korea for a few years.  I know the whole country Mopo, Inchon, Puson etc… I was stationed at Ft. Knox, KY, Ft. Lee, VA and Camp Corner 8th Perscon, Korea in Younson.
I like to hear more about your life, to me that is nice to listen to.  I don’t care what it is as long as it’s from the heart, I will enjoy it.  Anything is better than in here, 20 years and Yes, I really do have a great chance to be free again.  I am not doing all this better my life stuff, for nothing :). Here is my hook up.  Shaun Field #D-06197 or download Jpay App to be placed on my email list so we can text.  Please no gay dudes or politically correct people.  I like people who are smart and have an opinion of their own.  I love these types of people.  Agree to disagree and so on. Thank you for your time (Email:  JPay)
Shaun Field
Willing to write overseas, time left on sentence, possibly early parole date for this lifer, relationship status: single.

Shaun Field # D-06197
Kern Valley State Prison
P O Box 5103
Delano   CA   93216   USA

Ad Start: 09-23-21
Ad Expiration: 09-23-22
Women, Friends
Caucasian, Greek
Carjacking, 3 Strikes
Release Date
Possible Early Parole