Edmound Calloway
Hello Potential Pen Pal,
My name is Edmound Calloway, “Ed” for short, I'm 5 '7, 175 lbs. and I am 56 years old, but feel like a fresh 35-to-40 year old! I love to read, write and I am also an artist. I love animals, like (Dogs, Cats, ect.)  I enjoy doing fun outdoor activities such as walks in the park, picnics, barbeques, outdoor amusement parks, fishing, swimming; if it's fun and outdoors count me in and I'm up to trying almost anything once. I love sports, watching and participating and I enjoy music of just about all genres. I love to work out and I run about 3-to- 5 miles at least 3 times a week. I’m attentive and consider myself to be pretty intelligent with a good sense of humor. I love to listen and communicate with someone on an intimate level as long as they have genuine matters of concern. I am open to having a Pen Pal with a female within the ages of (21-to-60) NO UNDER AGE NEED APPLY! - I would love to have a Pen Pal in my life, because I have been incarcerated for almost (29) years now and I feel as though it is imperative that I seek a female relationship of some kind to remain in touch with my emotional sensitive side as it relates to a female; whereas only a woman can provide/bring out.

I have been incarcerated for such a long time, I had to unfortunately create a defensive male driven testosterone wall, that probably only a male being in my situation would understand from being in an all male prison. Not wanting to feel hardcore or ruff around the edges, I look forward to embracing the friendship of a woman and if a Pen Pal will help me to achieve this I am willing to give it a try… I befriend myself to you Potential Pen Pal. I have nothing to hide about my circumstances, my life is an open book and I welcome Any questions one may have for me. I will add with adamant conviction and defiance: (I HAVE BEEN WRONGFULLY CONVICTED OF THIS CRIME)! And as oF recently I have discovered some exculpatory evidence to prove my innocence. I also welcome anyone the opportunity to review my caseload and the evidence that I have obtained, which will show that I was lied upon and did not commit the crimes for which I have been convicted. I am also willing to provide documentation to prove such!...(FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE) - I also look forward to being released one day hopefully in the near future once this evidence has circulated the courts.

For more information on this Potential Pen Pal, address a letter to me at: (Smart Communications / PA DOC, SCI-Phoenix, Edmound Calloway #CZ-1154, P.O.Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733) - or - (E-Mail), me using these directions:
(See Attached Page), and learn more about this Potential Pen Pal. This is just a short bio of myself and I say get to know me, I have a lot of love to give and wouldn't mind sharing it with someone special….

Yours Truly,

Edmound Calloway # CZ1154
SCI Phoenix
Smart Communications PA DOC
P O Box 33028
St Petersburg   FL   33733   USA

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