Gregory Fletcher
Gregory Fletcher # C-41111   
CSATF/SP at Corcoran F3-D-17-4-Low
P O Box 5244    
Corcoran CA 93212 USA
Dear readers: 

My name is Gregory, I'm 5'9", brown eyes, short gray-haired, wise and respectful man. I was in New Orleans, but raised in Pasadena. I believe deeply within all womans, dwells a profound power that was designed and created inside every lady universe to withstand all mental situations. I believe that all LGBTQ, gay, lesbian and transgender's shall not be judged by the color of their skin nor lifestyles, but by the content of their character. I believe the elders should be respected and that men should stand up and be a father to their children for there are way too many young men funerals and too many mothers raising their children alone. I believe that a woman makes a man and that no matter of your age, race, religion or lifestyle that everybody has a right to be loved.

I enjoy listening with my 2 small ears, go sightseeing and explore the beauty of nature, and then write poems after such days. I'm looking for men and women, straight and gay, LGBTQ and transgender's, old and disabled that are strong-minded, fun and enjoying conversating and knows how to communicate, Christians, Muslims, pagans, nor Jews, these things does not matter to me or to my heart, but honesty does.

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