Rick Huber
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I'm 72 years old, white male, thin, good health, looking to become acquainted with anyone who is attracted to older gentlemen, in or out, of bed. I have many years of self-education under my belt, at layman level. Hence, I can generally carry an intelligent and informed discourse.

I'm old-fashioned, and have never lost the art of letter writing. My philosophy means everything to me -Far Eastern. I live my life as a fa practicing monastic in here, where I've been for 38 consecutive years. Of the 5 visceras, sexuality/human love, is the most difficult to overcome for this old ascetic. However, I'm on the path, and dealing with it. I do wish a correspondent, however.

As a Daoishi, I do sexual self cultivation-'subduing the white tiger', and techniques involving my prostate gland. This I do in order to create the internal alchemy to energize my spiritual process/work. I'm convinced of the notion of reincarnation, so obviously, my effort is not lost upon death. Though I'm not a Christian, I do read their history and scrutinize their mystics.

The extraordinary experiences of my life are: 'seeing'with the yoga dristi, (third eye) in 1966; the 'awakening of the Kundalini and cosmic consciousness (three times, 1974-5); and two close encounters of the first kind (UFO craft sightings, 2018 and 2019). So, of course, I know the reality of extraterrestial, interdimensional beings.

I live in a world of darkness, drugs, low evolutes, but there's a raison d etre', and I figured it out (an epiphany). It's infinitely intelligent.

If you're interested in conversations along these lines, please write. Moreover, I'm especially susceptible to euphoric eroticism. I like girls, feminine men. I don't like fat. Since my first passion is the English language, I've acquired a knack with the pen.
Rick Huber  # C- 33934
Mule Creek State Prison
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Ione, CA 95640 USA
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