Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson # C-16437
C S P - Solano
P O Box 4000
Vacaville   CA   95696   USA
Greetings, public interest!
Case No. A354376, LA County:

It is my sincerest wish that this ad find all readers to be well and in God's own care. Good day to all.  As for myself, a grave miscarriage of justice was don and hinder . . .

I Mr. C.K. Johnson has been trying for quite awhile to get my story out to the people for the public to view, my true memories of an Erroneous conviction that lead to my unconstitutional imprisonment by corrupt people in authority not giving a damn about due process of law: I wanted  to get my history out to the world, before a sudden death or I get too old and forget it all...

I will cut straight to the chase: In 1979 I was convicted of not admitting to multiple crimes I did not commit. Several technicalities made within the court law should have set me free were ignored and I was made gulity in the face of evidence which exonerates and shoved off to prison; the year now is 2020 and ongoing with constant fraudulent documents . . . I certify (or declare) under purjury that the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

THINK: Can you fathom the idea of being jailed, found guilty, and sentenced to a term to  life sentence on the basis of assumtion, misinformation, or just out right lies? I know that I can not but I'm living in, and have lived this mind boggling nightmare for over 40 years.  When I am not responsible for these criminal offenses against me . . .

P.S. How can you ask someone to live in the world and not have something to say about injustice? (Act), found at Government code section 8547 et seq.  Lets help to initiate Justice!

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