Ivory Curtis Taylor
"ATTENTION" !! Look. Female of females. Queen of Queens. Absolute Mitochondrial. Powers of love. Ultimate sexy being. GodUS of GodUses.

Rescue [Y] our-self by getting [Y]our love life together. A true love is the only purpose for life. Living without a true love. Is a life with no true purpose or living. And being [Y]our universal [G]enuine thug prophet (U [G] TP) please hear me out.

A true love conquers everything. Plus chemistry shall never let us down.
The birds & the bees. The flowers & the trees. Girl meets boy. Man's [G]enuine admiration for women.

Finding the time to share, connect, interact, relate, play, give & take, argue back& forth with each other in order to reach an honest understanding, going through hell to get to heaven.

A true love. There is nothing better which we have to offer to one another. To talk to heart to heart. To get a flame from a spark.(Communicate) . Do get it together. You won't reach a climax otherwise. That nature has a beautiful way  of being. When you're being true to your nature. Originally thugs are GodUS venerate Her's. And the GodUS this U[G[TP venerates can be you?

The universal cyberspace Black GodUS Veneration congregation (UCBGVC) AKA the universal black woman's cyberspace church (UBWCC) is unto all Black women of every size, shape, color, beings of an open mind and an open heart of universality.

For an unconditional love with spirit and soul conditions. Praying and wishing that this here grabs your attention?

As nobody can love the Black woman more than the one that venerates the Black woman over them-self and all else..

I care about the Black woman than those that don't care for her care to know. (To be continued).

Ivory Curtis Taylor # C05467
P O Box 3481 4B 31 10
Corcoran, CA 93212 USA
Women, Friends
Goddus Woship Her
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