Julio Torrez
Jullio Torrez # BP3851
C S P - LAC - C3-230
P O Box 4610
Lancaster   CA   93539   USA
Thank you so much for the opportunity to stop by my ad and check me out.😊  This gives you some info that will make you want to contact me.

My name is Julio, but you can call me “King” if you prefer 😉(Wink).  I was born on April 30 of 1986. I'm a Taurus. I have so many tattoos. I work out 6 times a week. I love to stay in shape. I'm a hard-working man. Prior to coming to prison I worked the oil fields. Had my own home. I like to fix and customize cars as a hobby. I am in love with music. It helps when I'm stressed out. What about you? I love my family, especially my mom and son that is 10 years old. I'm locked up in a prison that is only an hour from home (Bakersfield, California) where are you from? What's fun in your city or state? Are you close to your family? Have you ever got into trouble? What do you look for in a man?

If you do not like to write much, then we can text to each other through my GTL tablet which I have inside my cell. Please download the “getting out” apps texting and video. All you need is phone number, email address, my name, CDCR #BP3851, The prison I'm at: “California State Prison-Los Angeles County”. If you prefer to write, please do. I will always write back. You can always find my location by www.inmate locator.com.

I have been incarcerated for 3 years already. I did take my case to trial. I did appeal the conviction. Just last month, January 17th, 2023 the court of appeal has given their opinion. They have remanded my case back to court for resentencing. So my release date will be like 18 months, but I'm hoping sooner. Laws have changed and enhancements are not good no more. I can explain more to you once we get connected. My attorney continues to fight for my freedom which the chances are great for the highest court of California “Supreme Court” to review my case.

I want someone to talk 2, share stories with and become close..I do not care about looks or the distance. Just want the heart
❤️ I'm looking for someone that is not going to judge me and give me a chance.

Thank U.

Ad Start: 03-23-2023
Ad Expiration:  03-23-2024
Attempted Voluntary Manslaughter
Release Date