Calvin Dante Williams Jr
Calvin Dante Williams Jr # BN9922
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin   CA   94974   USA
Hello Beautiful,
Thank you for stopping to read a bit about me.

I'm a mixed: “Cuban, Indian, Black and Creole Certified Real Man” from California’s Bay Area who lives according to the Rules, Regulations, Guidelines and Bylaws of Common Sense and that Certified Heterosexual man; “(Just Clarifying That due to The Craziness & Weirdness of the World)!” “Calvin is NORMAL and IN LOVE with WOMAN ONLY”=”Thick” & “Big Beautiful Women”, “(of Any Race)!”

I am Mindful, Considerate, Respectful and Attentive; I am A Certified Supporter & Provider, Motivator & Protector who is Very Patient, Understanding, Consoling, Communicative along with Loving and Caring; “I'm Very Humorous as well.”

My best qualities are: “Showing with My ACTIONS”  because” I Love Proving Myself to My Lady so that She's Fully Confident in Me!”

I’m a Fitness Instructor, Car Salesman, Racecar Driver who also does Music and Motivational Speaking.

I'm not a gang member nor am I an Addict nor Ex-Addict!

I love going to beaches & lakes, picnicking & barbecuing, and going to events: (The Racecar track being my Favorite).

I'm a hard working man who loves working out, watching action packed and comedy movies & standup: (Eddie Griffin’s Dysfunctional Family) is “A Must Watch!”

My Hobbies are: “Putting A Smile on The Hearts & Faces of My Lady by Proving My Reliability and Security to Her!”

I've been Single since: June 17th, 2021 due to the passing of my Fiance.

If you have questions about my case, I don't mind sharing details. and for better Communication, download these 2 Apps in Google Chrome: “” & “GoVisit” (For Video chatting).

And to review more pics of me, my Instagram page is: “CubanFresh1”

Thank you for Reading & Sincerely:
“Calvin Tha Cuban Fresh 1”
a.k.a. ”Tha Scoobadee Booper”

Ad Start: 09-15-2022
Ad Expiration:  11-15-2023
Cuban, Black, Indian, Creole
Attempted Murder
Release Date
(Sooner/Time Cuts)