Calvin Dante Williams Jr
Calvin Dante Williams Jr # BN9922
C V S P B-B4-9-3 Low
P O Box 2349
Blyth   CA   92226   USA
Hello beautiful,The Right Decision by reading a bit about me.

I am a mixed: Cuban, Black, Indian and Creole “Certified Real Man” from California’s Bay Area and “I live accordingly to their Rules, Regulations, Guidelines and Bylaws of Common Sense, which are: I am Very Mindful, Considerate, Attentive, Compassionate, Understanding, Extremely Supportive, A bit Overprotective, Romantic, and “Most Importantly”: “Extremely Loving and Caring when in a Friendship or Relationship with Any Woman In My Life.

Also, I am “A Certified Heterosexual, “(Just Clarifying That because A Lot Of The World is Transitioning Into Something Else), but “Calvin is Staying Normal and Attracted to Women ONLY!!!”

Aside from that, I am A Fitness Trainer, Car Salesman, Race car Driver and I Do Music and Comedy. I've Never been a part of any gangsYour Heart,Your Feelings even though I come from a Very Hostile Environment, so Do Know that You, Your Heart, Your Feelings Along with Your Safety and Well-Beings are, Your Comfort Zone are All A # 1 Priority To Me, alone with Being A Certified Provider Who Places Home As Top Priority.

Also, if you have any questions about why I'm incarcerated? I don't mind sharing the details with you.

Also, if you choose to communicate with me, then download these two (2)  Apps from Google Chrome: “” & “”.  I'm listed under: “Calvin, Dante, Williams”/CDCR#BN9922/ and located at:C.V.S.P/Chuckwalla. “I hope to hear from you soon!!”

Thank You For Reading & Sincerely Yours To Be: “Calvin Tha Cuban” (Ig)

Ad Start: 09-15-2022
Ad Expiration:  11-15-2023
Cuban, Black, Indian, Creole
Attempted Murder
Release Date
(Sooner/Time Cuts)