Ronald Phillips
Ronald Phillips # BJ6021
C S P - Corcoran
P O Box 3476
Corcoran   CA   93212   USA
Hay now! Thanks for taking the time to tapp in. Welcome to good vibes and an interesting time.

I’m Ron Ron from Compton, Cali. 30 yrs fly.  Hopefully you are in high spirits doing good but if not you’ll feel better at the end of this. You know with so much negativity out there, we can’t let things out of our control get us down. That is my mind set in this day care.

I’m that Special person you can have a quality conversation that can be beneficial to all concerned. Whether it’s being that listin ear or sharing my own experiences, so you’ll be able to  profit off my own mistakes.

Nah mean, before I check in to daycare. I was a clerk at a firm & on my off time did personal training and was a exotic dancer. So I have been thru enough to know stuff nah mean.

BTW, my stage name is Special. So I'm doing S.H.U time (hole) & trying to meet someone new. The best way to lay the foundation to a genuine friendship is simple as tappin with your address, we don’t got email tablets in the S.H.U

Thanks for the time, take care & be safe.

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African American, Hispanic
Home Invasion, Robbery, Assault w/ Deadly Weapon
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
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