Tyrell Coulter
Tyrell Coulter # BJ5792
CSATF State Prison Corcoran
P O Box 5242
Corcoran   CA   93212   USA
Hello to all God’s beautiful people of the world. I hope the pandemic hasn’t caused to much damage to you guys out there. I know it’s been hard for a lot of people mentally, physically, spiritually and all. I know, in some ways, it has put a hold on some peoples’ lives.

Now if you would allow me a moment of your time and not judge me by my circumstances, but what I have the potential to become, which is someone to help out the youth. Help prevent them from going down the path I’ve been down.  My name is Tyrell, I’m 29 yrs. young from Oakland, Ca. I’m simply looking to meet new people for friendship. Looking for an honest, straight-forward conversation. I am also seeking to find the beauty within a strong woman. Allow me the opportunity to earn a genuine friendship that is built on truths and pure understanding and honesty. I would like for someone who will hit me up who is willing to just say hello and let me brighten their day with words of sincerity and encouragement.

Little more about myself: I have a positive outlook on life. I’m a blunt, honest guy. I’m not just going to tell you what you want to hear but I will tell you the truth. I’m very attentive, I like sports, I like to read. I’m very outgoing. I love outdoor activities. I have a great sense of humor. I’ll save some for whoever would take time out and want to get back to me. If you’re not shy feel free to write me or hit me up through ( JPay.com) - download the JPay mobile app type in my name (Tyrell Coulter #BJ5792) Hope to hear from someone who want something different. Mailing info: Tyrell Coulter #BJ5792 CSATF POBox 5242 Corcoran Ca 93212

Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
African American
Voluntary Manslaughter
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-08-21
Ad Expiration:  08-08-22