Daniel Barnett
Daniel Barnett # BJ5296
SCI Dallas
Smart Communication PA DOC

P O Box 33028
St Petersburg   FL   33733   USA
I'm 53, 6 ft., 200 lbs., single, in excellent health & shape. I've always been hands-on. hardworking individual but do volunteer hospice care, in my spare time. I'm responsible, very efficient, independent, goal oriented and accountable. I'm open-minded but very opinionated. I'm not perfect. I've made plenty of bad decisions but used those experiences to learn and evolve from. I've watched a lot of TV & movies over the years. And listened to a lot of music, mostly the 80’s & 90’s. I've read fantasy action & adventure,  drama & romance novels. to stay healthy I’m still physically active

Over the last 33 years, I grew up inside of an all male prison, speaking with only professional courtesy towards everyone. This means, at times I feel socially awkward whenever talking with most females, because I lack any knowledge of those day-to-day thoughts, subjects or experiences which are most important to women. I'm not perfect.

Unseen by society, clean & sober, I am alone. Unhappy, unappreciated, and lonely, I long to make a true connection with you, a woman who I can listen to. Someone to learn from, talk to, who’ll hear me. Our lives are unique but too short to continually spend alone, day by day, silently waiting, hoping for that person, who'll see or hear us. Physically, emotionally or mentally, I need you. Be my bit of happiness. Let's just be friends. I don't want to complicate your life.

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African American
1st Degree Murder
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence