Hello everybody this is Quincy Jones (Q-Ball) from Compton, California, I have like 6 years left to do and I need somebody in my life. Have been single for a few years now.
I’m Black, 5’ 9”, muscular build, waves in my hair, dress good on streets and in here.
In the brochure it says 8 different countries, and I am open to meeting women in other parts of the world, definitely.

I’m always about my money. The Boy Scout Class Action Lawsuit we just settled last month January 2022 so I’m looking to start a business. A dispensary of course that business is a no-brainer.  The latest business I came up with Saturday, one of the female officers was telling me how gas and energy costs are through the roof so I came up with an idea for vehicles. This new energy I’m going to apply to the top of vehicles should change the game.

One of the officers told me (that’s too much money) so I’m sending a letter out tonight to Mr. Elon Musk Tesla and Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones. Then I have other people I’m going to get involved with as well.

If you're a female out there and you have some administrative secretarial skills or business savvy hit me up I need help with these ventures.  You need to know I’m open to all races of women White, Latina, Asian I don't discriminate.

I like to get pics and letters, I like to send them as well.  We get 75 minutes of free calls a week now as well.

Hit me up.


Quincy Jones # BI9263
Corcoran Prison A3
P O Box 3461
Corcoran   CA   93212   USA
Quincy Jones
Women, Donations,
Legal Help
African American
Assault w/Deadly Weapon, GBI
Release Date
Ad Start:  05-04-2022
Ad Expiration:  05-04-2023
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