I was born and raised near Chicago, IL with a homeschool education. Currently I live in both Humboldt County, California and also on the beach in Nicoya, Nosara, Playa Pelada, Costa Rica. My out date was 2028, but due to current law changes, I should be out in 2024 or sooner.

I have an above average education and I am an entrepreneur and a single father.
I love Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal type music. I love motorcycles, trucks, and Mountain Bikes. I study science, Quantum Mechanics, Music, Art and Computer Science. I am an artist, farmer, and your all-around Mechanic/Handyman and I can do anything I put my mind to, due to the fact I am really, really smart.

I love animals, nature and physical exercise. I am close knit with my family. Mainly my father and daughter. I love to surf camp and I travel internationally to experience food and culture. I did some time in the Military and I just finished some paralegal & business classes.

I am looking for a female companion around my age who likes to do extraordinary things such as travel, art, music and science and can handle culture with an open mind.


Gary Blank # BH7705
C S P Sac - 12107281
P O Box 290066
Sacramento   CA   95671   USA
Gary Blank
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