My name is Brett andI am currently serving a fifteen year sentence at Pelican Bay. However, I am a kind hearted man hoping to meet some new people and possibly build a friendship or two while I do my time.

I like long walks in small cages, police escorts, and blonde hair & black eyes.
That’s a terrible joke, I’m a terrible person, I’m sorry 😏

Really tho, I enjoy making people laugh. I am terribly loyal to those I care about, and even tho I’m in prison I always strive to be my best.

Furthermore, I would like to meet people who can look beyond my situation and take the time to get to know who I really am while giving me the chance to do the same. I like to write and enjoy pictures of who I’m writing with, along with a few lines that might be able to take me away for a minute or two. I’m white, rather easy on the eyes, and got nothin but time.

May or may not be your time, we’ll just have to see for real tho if I spark your interest just reach out and shoot me a letter with a picture of yourself.

I’d love to begin this thing and look forward to it.


Brett Hansen # BG8941
Pelican Bay State Prison
P O Box 7500
Crescent City   CA   95532   USA
Brett Hansen
Carjacking w/A Firearm
Release Date
Ad Start:  02-24-22
Ad Expiration:  02-24-23
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