Charles McIntosh
"Seeking Qualtiy Time"

My name is Charles McIntosh. I'm 54 years of age. I'm single, no kids, I'm 5' 8", green eyes, salt and pepper hair.

I enjoy writing, should you want to enjoy some quality moments away from the every day demands  I'm one stamp away.

Nothing to hide, only to gain through friendships. Always considered myself a glass houses, no rocks please. Want to know, ask.

Opportunity is at your finger tips, letters photos, phone calls, you choose, fresh enjoyable times to your mail box instead of bills.

I'll open a window into my life clear enough that you'll be able to see everything about me, I believe with that you'll know just who I am.

I was raised right, went wrong. Ft Worth TX. is where I grew up, pine trees, lakes, you could call me country, not square, love outdoos so to speak.

Yes, I'm in a prison cell yet reamin full of life! I try my best to bring excitement to those in my life. We all have our own space, never take what we share fo ganted, won't go anywhere you choose not to.

I feel judgement shares no factor in friendships, though boundries and respect goes along ways, So many things I've never done, never hurt anyone, more later.

What we make of every day is up to us. I decided to join this pen pal opportunity to creat quality moments in such a time as we live today.

Hopefulyy something I've said merits a response from you.

Till then God Bless.

Charles McIntosh # BG-8515
P O Box 1050   
Soledad, CA 93960-1050 USA
Burglary of Habitation
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-23-20
Ad Expiration:07-23-21