Darion Green
Darion Green # BG-3088  
P O Box 5104     
Delano, CA 93216 USA
The many bumps in this  4 year road I have been traveling would have broke many down to crumbles leaving them lost, lonely and without direction in life!

I am a 28 year old mixed race male 6' 2" tall & I am doing a 9 year sentence for residential burglary. Some great things have recently happened that will likely free me a lot sooner than my remaining 5 years.

I'm originally from Los Angeles but very interested in exploring living elsewhere if the right opportunity presents itself. I am into older established women that know what they want in life, have a lot to teach because I love to learn.

I have a loving romantic, funny & dominant personality. My interest is business development, fashion, traveling, wild intense sex & most importantly the ability to hold an intelligent conversation! I want a woman not into games & really open to building a solid foundation. I want to be viewed as a king not some temporary interest.

A lot of colorful flowers is the result of this rainstorm I have experienced doing this time. If you are interested shoot your best shot, include photos. You can use "jpay email" as a mailing option if you use that method remember to include an address to reply to. You can also write regular pen to pad!

Good luck in finding what you desireā€¦ Darion Green

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African American, Caucasian
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