Jason Broodbent
Hey ladies!

My name is Jason & I would like to thank you for taking the time, effort& opportunity to browse this website where the attraction between a man & a woman appeals to the hearts & minds of many of us seeking human companionship in some way shape or form.

I am interested in the thought-provoking idea that someone out there in the world shares the common ideas when it comes to matters of the heart & sharing in that connection on an intimate level in the pursuit of happiness we've all entertained thoughts of love & excitement & I'm hoping to magnified those seconds with my charming attributes, professional mannerism & positive personality and on that same token I'm open to all forms of connection not just a relationship as couples but to friendship as well & enduring concept & ideas that can keep a conversation stimulated.

I'm looking for someone with the mutual framework characterize in this letter being 30 in the prime of my life the majority in a woman is something like a smooth caress on a lonely night although I don't feel like age is an indication of that maturity but rather the mental fortitude a woman possesses with herself along with other alluring qualities that may complement your style.

I know many of you may be a lil hesitant to embark on a journey with unknown possibilities, to have that same pause to ponder & reflect on how much time willing to bare my soul to a stranger being a product of my environment being raised in the capital of California has brought a lot of hardship & punishment in my life but those struggles have also help me to perservere, overcome & progress into a better me with a newfound appreciation on life which is not to squander it thinking too much. So if you're feeling where I'm coming from please don't hesitate to correspond because I know every woman needs someone or something to console with once in a while so why not find consolation in me :)

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