Nain Covarrubias
Nain Covarrubias # BF7220
Centinela State Prison
P O Box 911
Imperial   CA   92251   USA
My name is Nain Covarrubias, I'm 36 years old, my lifes role models are my parents. Not only did they tended to our every need and sacrifice so much for us to be well, but they tought us the importance of commitment, hardwork, responsibility, respect and honesty. By their everyday actions, I learned the value of family, of love, what a marriage Is and the responsibility I have in bringing the miracle of life into this world. Even though life and situations have brought a remarkable woman into my life, I have yet to be in a serious relationship. I am at a moment in my life when I'm ready and open to more connection, harmony, peace, joy, to love and be loved. I look forward to meeting someone to laugh and experience everyday situations and emotions with. Someone that we could build a strong relationship with, plan a future and eventually marry and have children with. I do value family very much and being part of a big family is one of my greatest Joy's. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters, which have blessed this world with my 8 nieces and 7 nephews. I feel very fortunate to have so many little hearts to love but to be very much involved in two of my nieces lifes is a true blessing.

Despite my lenghntly sentence, I find my self real excited and hopeful of the near future, for I have an active appeal which been granted in part and still ongoing. I do find myself enrolled in many programs, which have truly been life changing and I'm still learning and applying to my life. Even though  I must be brief here, I'd like you to feel free to ask me anything and please feel free to share as much about yourself as u feel comfortable.

Sincerely Nain C.

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