Julian Reed
Julian Reed # BF5720
C C I Tehachapi
P O Box 1906
Tehachapi   CA   93581   USA
Hello out there free world! As you already know my name is Julian Reed and I’m 38 years old from Fresno, California. I stand at 5’9” and weigh 175  pounds. So, yeah a little bit about myself. I love to work out and educate myself or take advantage of the opportunities given to me to become a better person. I made a mistake and that’s why I am incarcerated. I am not mad nor bitter about my current circumstances. Do I like being locked up- Hell No! But I am doing everything in my power to change my way of thinking and attempting to surround myself with positive people - that’s where you come in. Take a chance on me. Get to know me.

I love to make people laugh and laugh myself. I don’t take life to serious and always find something to smile about. I enjoy reading and writing.  I also love music, but only hip-hop and R&B. I promise to answer all letters that are put in my mail box and anything that you ask I will be completely open and honest in return. I’m very confident and I consider myself a handsome man, so please if you feel you are up to the challenge of getting to know me, then please write me a quick letter.

We are also allowed e-mails through G-T-L now that’s Global-Tel-link. So if you are not into snail mail there is another option - I’m looking forward to hearing from you so until then, take care out there and hopefully we communicate soon.

Women, Friends,
Possession with Intent of Sales
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-08-21
Ad Expiration:  07-08-22