Walter Linares
Walter Linares # BF1862
Kern Valley State Prison
P O Box 5101
Delano   CA   93216   USA
Hey there everyone! I’m humbly hoping everything is perfectly fine with you”My name is Walter but mostly known as Clumzy. I am a 30 year old 6’2” - 220 pounds, proud Latino who was born & raised in the city of Angels, California. As you all can see, I’m currently incarcerated in Corcoran State Prison, the SHU to be exact. I’m serving a 3 strikes sentence for robberies & have been locked up over 7 years now. However, I strongly believe prison doesn’t define me & that I’m a good person who made bad choices.

I am the type of man that keeps it 100% all the way across the table & who seriously dislike liars. A little more about me, I enjoy listening to music, playing sports & who doesn’t like a great movie. I do exercise almost every day & I keep busy studying & learning something new everyday.

I’m here in search of friendship & companionship. Honestly, someone who can & will keep me company during this incarceration. I’m searching for someone real, honest & genuine who can support me mentally, emotionally & vise versa. I really do hope my intro catches your interest & that I’ll be hearing from you. Please do not hesitate. My doors are open to all.Thank you for stopping by, may you have a blessed day!!!

I would also like to ask for legal support of any kind. I'm all ears to any upcoming new Senate bills, to any changes in law & ultimately filing petitions. Any legal support that would get my sentence reduced & get my Clumsy self home w/My LOVE ONES.

Sincerely, Walter!

Ad Start: 03-31-22
Ad Expiration:  06-31-23
Legal Help
Mexican, Hondurian American
211 Strong Arm Robbery
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence