Daniel Robleto
Daniel Robleto # BF0100
Solano 15-1-2L
P O Box 4000
Vacaville   CA   95696   USA
Greetings, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.  I am Daniel and I am here at Solanco State Prison in Vacaville, CA on a 15 to life sentence for a 2nd degree murder that happened by an unfortunate accident which I will always feel remorseful about. I have decided to change my life for the better, so I have given my life to Christ.  I am trying to do research on my case, but can not afford any legal books + other materials needed to get back in court.

My goal is to get out and start visiting kids in Juvenile Hall, talk to them, tell them who I was and who I am today because of what God did for me and He can do it for them.  That prison is not cool, but only for a fool.  They don’t have to join a gang, people are being killed in gangs and in prisons people die everyday.  I feel that if I can save just one person every place I go, that it was worth it to go thru this Hell I am going through.

I’m looking for a pen pal and if by a blessing it gets serious :) then that would please me.  I was born 11-26-62.  I workout all the time.  I love Harley Davidson motorbikes.  I love football, swimming, hiking, fishing, auto racing, camping, JESUS-I love people who like to laugh & smile and tickle your nose with a cute little red rose, someone to have fun with and just keep it simple. Who’s your favorite music artist?  I love all types of music, what do you like?  I love to walk on the beach and I love to lay down in a big bed of wildflowers.  Will you be the one that I can pick some wild flowers for?  Can we enjoy a BBQ together in the forest, have a drink, watch the sun go down together?  Say a prayer together.

I would love to hear from you, please contact me at Daniel Robleto BF-0100 15#1-2-L If you only wish to send money to further my research and release, I thank you all and may God send you Blessings in Jesus.

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