Dustin Gordon # BC8053
Salinas Valley State Prison - D3-20U
P O Box 1050
Soledad   CA   93960   USA
Dustin Gordon
I'll begin by saying “what's up to whoever may stumble across this introduction”. And you may just like or even love what you see. I'm hoping this experience helps me to find a beautiful independent woman that doesn't mind taking some time out for her day to talk to a lonely, but sweet and funny convict. Whether it's just a strong solid friendship or becoming my future wifey, I hope I am able to connect with someone and mentally leave this place through letters and possibly email. I'm hoping these last 2 years will go fast with good conversation and knowing I could possibly meet my best friend or even someone I will eventually call special.

A little about me. I'm 34 years old. My hobbies are working out/ lifting weights, listening to music and now even tattooing a little bit. I myself have several tattoos that cover most of my body. I'm between 220 lbs and 226 lbs. I got the prison body. Thick chest and big arms. I'm Irish and love the Raiders Nation!! I listen to ALL music.

I was born and raised in Northern California all my life. Sacramento, all the way up to Susaville, CA.

When it comes to the type of woman I'm attracted 2, the list is short. I’m attracted to white women and light complected women with caramel skin and I love thick, big booty and women that have tattoos. Aside from that loyal women and ones that understand my lifestyle, that are open-minded and supportive because I have a past and will answer any question with honesty and respect. I'm just hoping for someone real,with real conversations. I hope to hear from you soon whoever you may be.

Ad Start: 01-06-22
Ad Expiration:  01-06-23
Caucasian, Irish
Possession of Meth in Jail, GBI, Arson on Own Property
Release Date