Wayne Elzy
Wayne Elzy # BC2819   
High Desert State Prison 2-121
P O Box 3030    
Susanville, CA 96127 USA
If your reading these thoughts and emotions I've chosen to express then I pray you will also decide to bless me with the opportunity to show you with my actions that with God as our foundation, you and I can make it last forever...like Keith Sweat said please let me  (a lonely gangstah) show you how a real man loves a real woman!!! Hard, strong and unconditional.

I'm the last of a dying breed, they don't make em like me anymore (mama's boy certified) hustler hard like Nipsey hustle with fly ass Crippen credentials!!! (4 real)

So baby girl with Wayne there will be no lies, no drama & no broken promises (my true intentions are simple), to find my soulmate. I bring healthy love, loyalty, respect and financial stability to our relationship…(Google me baby)

If your grown, mature, bad and bougie and ready to be catered to and provided for if you're that girl I am describing please bang my line (upgrade yourself sweety) but don't be surprised when I become that Compton California gangstah boy you've been searching for your whole life.

XOXO stay prayed up

Black, Indian, Puerto Rican
Johovah Witness
Weed Trafficking
Release Date
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