Ryan Brewer

My name is Ryan Brewer at the time I'm putting this letter together, I'm starting my 9 yr term for assault with a semi auto firearm.

Though this is not my first prison term, it is the longest and I hope it will be my last. I have 2 daughters and 2 sons that are my world that I miss daily and pray for each night. I'm from a small town in Northern California near Chico, CA. I'm 5'9 about 160 pounds, tight frame tattooed from head to toe. Rider, plain and simple. I go heard for the ones I love care about. I take friendship very serious. I hate take and grimey individuals. I got paper out on the streets, and in here. I'm not lookin to buy anyone's friendship or support from where I sit. I'm looking for a like minded person to hold down conversation about all types of interesting subjects from music, cars, vacations, or places you've seen and what you're looking for in life. I've got many different goals and things I would love to accomplish in my time here in prison and when I'm released.

I can only ask, if you pick up a pen and choose to holla at a rider, that you keep it real, raw uncut and I'll always do the same. I've spent so much time dealing with lies from people I've kept in my inner circle, that I'm done hearing it and I hope as you read these words, you can sense the truth and sincerity in my words. With new friendships there's no need for fakes, lies and half truths. I love to listen and to give feedback in rawest form. I'm looking to the future, to put my old ways behind me but will be honest to the finest point if you ask about my past. Just as I hope you. Many people blow a good solid friendship with lies. I can't stress enough to be honest, just because I sit in a cell doesn't mean I want to hear lies. Example. If you're seeing someone, that's fine. If you're sleeping with someone, fine but please don't waste stamps or time telling me you've been dating someone for 3 months prior to writing me and then 3 months later, say you love meand still haven't slept with him. That's out! I'm here and I'm going to be here for you just try me, that's all I can say.

I hope you pick up your own soon. I'm very anxious to hear from you. To hear, how you live, what you like to eat, favorite color. I want to know everything and I'll be here to build a close relationship. Be good and safe out there. I'll be waiting to hear from you.
Ryan Brewer # BB7574
P O Box 1902
Tehachapi, CA 93581 USA
Women, Friends
PC 245 (B) Assault with Firearm
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Ad Expiration:01/18/19