James Lucas
Bad boy looking for someone who may be able to tame me a lil bit.

I'm open to writing and getting to know anyone so don't be shy.

So a lil about myself. I'm 47 years young and live a healthy lifestyle. I work out daily and have most of my life. I've got about three years to go on this nightmare but I go up for parole next year so I'm crossing my fingers and toes. Obviously I've made some poor choices in life but all a person can do is move forward and not look back.

As for my life in the free world. I worked on offshore drilling rigs and in my spare time I was into 4 x 4 trucks, fast cars and my Harley. My music was rock. Def Leppard to Metallica. I also love the great outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking.

So there is my life in a nutshell. Shoot me a letter with a picture and let's see if we click. As I said I'm open to writing anyone 18 to 80 cripple blind or crazy. Age, race, or gender is unimportant so what are you waiting on. Get to writing!!!

Basically I'm looking for a new circle of friends but if that magic someone comes along then we will take it from there… Last but not least I'm from Bakersfield, CAli. Born and raised. Before I got busted this time I was living in Newport Beach, Cali. Also I'm well traveled due to my job. I'm kinda open to where I'm settling down upon release. Only time will tell…

Also I'm 6'1", 230 rock solid pounds, green eyes covered from the waist up with bad ass tattoos.

James Lucas  # BB6687
Avenal State Prison - A-110-19-5 L
P O Box 901
Avenal, CA 93204 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Corporal Injury.Evading
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-06-18
Ad Expiration:12-06-19