Clyde Whitfield
I am looking to write a woman.

Would truly love to get to know a woman as a friend, and maybe even more, Despite the position which I am in, I consider myself to be very kind and lovely person.  Over the years I have come to really enjoy expressing myself to others. I have lot of love to give.

Life, and the mistakes I have made: have molded me into an understanding and caring person.  One thing I love in life is bring able to help others.  Just being a listening ear can have a big effect on another.  I want to meet someone with I can share my feelings and thoughts with, while getting to know their feelings and thoughts.

To be totally honest, after being incarcerated now for about seven years, the biggest thing besides my loved one that I miss; is interacting with a woman.  I miss the intellect and intuition which only a woman can provide.  I have gained the greatest appreciation for a woman's tenderness, while highly appreciating a woman's strength at the same time.  I miss being able to express those things and feeling best hared with a woman.

I long to be able to conversate with a woman.  This longing is what has brought me to give this site a try.  I am hoping that there is a woman out there interested in meeting a guy like myself. For friendship or more.  So if you would like someone who you can share your feelings with, about the highs and lows in life: I would love to be that someone. If you would like to meet a guy to become a true friend with, I would love to be that guy.

If you are a strong, independent, and caring woman, looking for a man who can accentuate the woman that you are: I would love to be that man.
Clyde Whitefield # BA-1549
Pleasant Valley State Prison
P O Box 8500   
Coalinga, CA 93210 USA
African American Caucasian Native American
Assault Threats False Imprisonment
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-26-20
Ad Expiration:11-26-21