Justin Scarff
Justin Scarff # BA0199   
CSP-Corcoran, 3B-01-107
P O Box 3466  
Corcoran, CA 93212 USA
Hello there.

How are you? Hopefully everything is good & this intro finds you doing well. Please know that I really appreciate this opportunity to share part of myself with you.

My name is Justin, I'm 36, 5'8", Cuban/Sicilian, green eyes, covered in ink/tattoos. Born in Santiago de Cuba/but I grew up in La Puente, CA.

I enjoy and spend a lot of time reading, writing, poetry, drawing and working out. I like to smile/laugh see my friends happy and be of help to those I care for. I'm honestly open and blunt, but fair when speaking my mind. I don't play with people's feelings, those types of games ain't cool and I respect and honor loyalty and honesty to the fullest extent. I hope to find similar qualities and those of you who care to get to know me and hopefully become friends.

I'm pretty mellow and laid-back, you can ask me anything and tell me a lil about yourself if you will. Hopefully I've peeked your interest because I'd like to hear from you, until then take care and be good to yourself.

Women,  Friends
Attempted Murder Home Invasion
Release Date
07/04/39 In the Process of Appeal
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