Devin Teer
It's a counselor, no is a therapist, no it's diary man LOL whenever you need someone to listen I'll be there, whenever there's something you can't tell  yo friends but need to tell someone, I'll be there and whenever you need someone to never judge you no matter what, I'll be there. I promise as  yo diary to never tell none of  yo secrets. In order to gain yo trust I will tell you my secret identity. LOL. 

My name is Devin Teer. I'm 5'11", weight 205 muscle. I'm 26, no kids but love kids and want kids. Superpowers include a listening without judgment but understanding and most importantly security of the heart. " LOL". But for real tho I'm looking for a female friend or female companion. A woman who is kind, considerate and would like to be her naturally, beautiful caring self with who have earned her trust (which I plan to do). A woman who wants a man or man friend who understands her, one she doesn't have to tell what she wants, but who just knows. A man or man friend who can be the closest person to her, to help her make decisions, and to always be there to offer her his strength when she needs it most. Have no fear diary man is here. LOL

Peace and blessings to you.
Devin Teer # B89966
P O Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764 USA

African American
1st° Murder
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