John Redmond Sr # B-89555
Big Muddy River Correctional Center
251 N IL Highway 37
Ina, IL   62846   USA
I’m a good person!
I love all walks of life, I’m very respectful, and honest person, and that is the type of person I would like to be in tune with.  I’m not perfect or claim to have ever been, I have made my mistakes in life like we all have, no one on earth is perfect.  I am a working progress and getting better each day.  This time I am a victim of injustice.  I’m sure you may hear that a lot, but I am and that is the truth!  I didn’t do or would never do a crime such as the one I’m in prison for!  I would never hurt a woman or child for any reason at all, I’m a protector, and a person that loves all life.  I have some real friends and a lot of family that love’s me, and that I love. I just want that one person I can really connect with for the rest of my life.
Someone that will not judge me or put me down, but will be a loving, caring, and uplifting person, and a friend and maybe more later on down the road?  I will always be truthful with you, and I pray you do likewise with me.  I pray I get a chance to meet you, and get to know you.  Stay Safe!  Believe in me give me a chance.
God Bless You
Peace and Love
From John 
John Redmond Sr
African American
Pred Crimnal Sexual Assault
Release Date
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