Justin Rider
Hey, thank you for checking me out on here.

I have been on this site for about two years now!  I'm not even sure it legit though cause  haven't got any mail.  Who knows though maybe it because I haven't said the right things or maybe its because my pictures aren't appealing??

To be completely honest I'm just looking for someone to talk to an hopefully develope a friendship with. I've been locked up for 3 years now and with good time I'll be home in 2 years. 

I'm 26 and 5'11 I weigh 220 pounds and workout 4 times a week.   I'm very out gong and love to make people laugh. My loyalty is real and my love is true.  I'm a great friend and I know how to truly listen.

I'm currently in college classes and should be able to get my Associate Degree before I get out. When I get out I'm going to join the union as a electricians apprentice! The reason I'm telling you this is because I want to show that I've changed my way of thinking and will never return to the live style  was living prior to my incarceration.

I'm a very honest person and that's all I expect from you. If you want to know anything else about me please write me and ask..If you're interested in  me, then tell me about you. 

I'm very down to earth and don,t judge anyone, If you write me I promise I'll write back !  I made alot of bad decisions in my past but I'm trying to improve my future and maybe that improvement starts with you.

Well thank you for taking the time to read this obviously there is so much more to me, but not enough space here to write about all of that lol!! Well it's in your hands now!!!


Justin Rider # B89448
Jacksonville Correctional Center
2268 E Morton Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650 USA
Women, Donations
Unlawful Delivery
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-15-18
Ad Expiration:03-15-19