Tyson  Yount
Hello, my name is Tyson. 

I am currently incarcerated at Big Muddy CC in Ina, Illinois for criminal sexual assault against my 14-year-old daughter. My release date is June 2031. I came to this prison for the sex offender treatment program which is a volunteer basis. I was both sexually and physically abused as a child also. My reason for me attending this program is to gain the tools I need to not create any more victims.

I have 4 children with the same ex-wife, we were married for almost 11 years together on an off since1996. So I am the type of person who wants long-term commitment either friendship or relationship.

I have a GED diploma, am 6'2", 230 lbs., Single man, not judgmental or bias. I love to hunt, camp, fish, outdoors anything. I also love to just watch clouds amd thunder storms. I am a funny, romantic, softhearted person. I love to listen to my partner, just talk to be there for them. I am a person who likes to clean and cook, my cooking is out of this world at least that's what 1800 inmates say and my ex-wife, sorry being funny.

I am looking for a friend, possibly more. My hopes are that I can prove to this person that I am only human and made a terrible mistake. So if you're interested in a man who commits to friendship and love please write me. If not thank you for at least reading I hope that may be a part in here will at least create a memory that makes you smile :)

Thank you again,
Tyson Yount
Tyson  Yount # B88838
Big Muddy River Correctional Center 
251 N Ilinois Highway 37
Ina, IL 62846 USA
Women, Friends
Sexual Assault,14 yr, Daughter
Release Date
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Ad Expiration:01-05-19