Daniel Hedger
Greetings to all potential pen pals and future friends. My name is Daniel (Danny to family/friends). I am looking for “female” correspondence mainly, due to my being surrounded by men all day every day for the past 21 years, not including female staff. I am not discriminating against a male pen friend as all correspondence is welcome. A little about myself. I’m 42 years old, 6’1” tall, 230 pounds, I have many tattoos, all over my body (small-to-large), I have brown hair (shaved head) and a large beard. I am from a small town and am called “Hillbilly” as a result of my southern accent. I came from a small family, am divorced, and I have no children. I love all types of music and would rather listen to music than anything else, as it allows me to escape the confines of my incarceration mentally. I can put on a playlist from the tablet, or a music channel on the TV, and burn up hours drawing or painting which allows my days to fly by. My interests before incarceration are dead and buried, hence the reason for my being locked up. I am into meeting new people and learning new things. Constantly seeking new educational opportunities whenever they arise in here. I am also an avid artist that does work exclusively for “friends & family”. With an occasional piece inside of these walls. I am looking for penpals who, like me, do not want any added drama in their lives. If that’s what you’re into, please do not respond to this ad. I am all about respect and honesty, as any relationship must be based upon if it will last, regardless if it’s just as friends or more intimate. Moreover, please do not ask a question you don’t truly want an honest answer to.

Before I close, you should know that my state’s DOC, doesn’t allow any letters/photos that have emoji’s or filters on them. They will be confiscated as a result. Also, no questions are off limits with me. I’m not shy and am an open book, so feel free to ask anything. Although I am not particularly looking for love, it isn’t something that’s off the table either. So, until paper and pen meet again, I will close for now. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Daniel Hedger # B-81033
Graham Correctional Center
12078 Illinois Route 185
Hillsboro   IL   62049   USA

Ad Start: 08-19-21
Ad Expiration: 08-19-22
1st Degree Murder
Release Date