James E Rodgers
James E Rodgers # B79028
Centralia Correctional Center
P O Box 1266
Centralia   IL   62801   USA
Absent an Act of Congress and/ or Divine Intervention, I may very well die in prison. Sounds like the final Act of a Greek Tragedy,  right?  Well, it's not. In fact, my story is full of hope and inspiration. A story that is not finished, but I'm eager to share it with you-as it unfolds!

Since 1995 I have been serving a Natural Life sentence-without the possibility of parole. As you can imagine, doing time ‘til pigs can fly isn't easy. Fortunately, my innate qualities have helped me survive prison life for nearly three decades.

By nature, I am ambitious, gregarious, tenacious, optimistic and blessed with a wicked sense of humor. All of which has contributed to me reaching my rehabilitative potential. As to date, I've earned a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling, as well as college level certificates in Victim Advocacy and Paralegal Studies.

Flowing from my academic successes and life experience is the desire to cultivate a mid-life writing career from a prison cell. A personal goal I hope to garner support for by forming new friendships-through the lost art of letter writing. Through correspondence, I will share with you some of my eclectic short stories, poems and essays that reveal aspects of my soul.

In all honesty, I don't know if I'll ever be emancipated. I hope so, but-in the meantime-I invite you to join me on a grand adventure, as I journey toward making my mark in the literary world. In doing so, feel free to ask me anything and/or share with me whatever you want about yourself. Nothing is taboo. Just be you.

Don't delay…write me today. You can contact me by snail mail or through an electronic messaging service provided to Illinois prisoners by GTL@connectnetwork.com.

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