Pierre D Morgan
What should a friendship be based upon in your perspective? 

I ask that question because there are so many people that have different opinions. I am at least sure we can all agree on trust, honesty, respect, and loyalty? My understanding is that none of the above would mean anything without communication… I mean we all have something to say, but the question is who is willing to listen; the next thing is does what I have to say: is it relatable to the person of whom I'm trying to speak to?

Here are a few things that interest me: I enjoy writing poetry and would like to go to a broken word one day and actually get up and say some of my work. I look for inspiration daily because I want to be able to relate to all… I lift weights as well to stay in shape as well as good health… I also enjoy reading novels whether fiction or nonfiction, and right now I'm studying
*James Allen* "Mind Is the Master"which is very insightful… One of my favorite pastimes right now is listening to a variety of music such as Halsey, Linkin Park, Drake, Wale, The Weekend, Keith Sweat among others…

I haven't done much traveling but would love to one day; maybe you could recommend good places?

Hopefully I've sparked a little interest, if so maybe we could be friends? I try not to place limits on life so that one day I can reach my full potential… I still have ambitions and one of my goals is to stay free and be productive in my community…

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