Karl Smith

What I wish for is simple  (a friend or two!) I would like to connect with an open-minded woman who's unafraid to share themselves mentally with a newly made friend. A woman whom got this strain of loyalty, truth, and persistency inside their DNA.

A woman who isn't leery if they discover that in me, they can enjoy a place of freedom and laughter being themselves, most of all, mental relaxation when one gets away from the busy hectic world although just the sharing a positive thoughts realizing that it can be found through "convo" or the joyous anticipation of waiting for a text, letter or card.

Most importantly, I want to be a friend who'll look beyond my past mistakes or downfalls or negative stereotypes that are attached to one in my situation a woman that's willing to get to know me and what's truly with in my heart besides the charges they've labeled me by.

By no means am I superficial, race nor age doesn't matter, just be real, down to earth and honest, I'll return the favor as the best friend I could be.

I enjoy different cultures, nature, crazy weather. I enjoy all sports. I enjoy reading-biology-science, love to learn, enjoy pics. I love to talk-convo about life, people, places and things. Most importantly I love to listen to get to know someone. So if you're that woman let's build.

Peace out!

Karl Smith # B73217
Menard Correctional Center
P O Box 1000
Menard, IL 62259 USA
African Amerian
Open to All
2 Attempts Home Invasion
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-20-19
Ad Expiration:06-20-20