Raymond Serio
I'm an open-minded, happy man may be a little rough around the edges but always positive. 

I have a strong thirst for life, knowledge and meaningful conversation. Words are powerful the right ones can change the world. I cannot promise you the world but I can promise you to always be honest and up front. I truly believe a friendship must be built on the foundation of truth.

Currently I'm searching for that person is not intimidated by affection and appreciation. Someone who believes in loyalty and isn't stagnanted by insecurities or infatuated with childhood games. Someone ready to create something worth embracing.

Happiness comes in many forms. I find it in both the simplicity and complexity of life. I want to hear your story and tell you mine. I will commit the time to get to know you. You may look at my sentence and think while! Believe me when the judge said it I felt the floor drop out. But I've been and will continue to fight for freedom. Though it's a slow process I will not stop until I win my rightful freedom.

If you would like to take the journey of getting to know each other and put pen to paper and drop me a line. You can also sign up to send and receive emails with me at www.connectnetwork.com

Raymond Serio # B-70625
Menard Correctional Center
P O Box 1000 
Menard, IL 62259 USA
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-25-20
Ad Expiration:06-25-22