Christopher Sanders
Christopher Sanders  # B59802   
East Moline Correctional Center
100 Hillcrest Road  
East Moline, IL 61244-1159 USA
My belove it is my finest and deepest pleasure to finally cure what your present dreams has given you a premonition to and which is your Prince.

It is beautiful to meet you before the justice of our wonderful bliss between the conscience of our daily living: made this love encounter that we both experienced transform into joyful opportunities that turns our dreams into real life based off real belief codes: therefore what we combine be not separated from the realm of privacy nor misunderstood face-to-face. Together made these become words conveyed inside our hearts left becoming habbits validated by destinies path. Not just make-believe but when you choose me you become a potential goddess sharing all unique challenges that gratifies love. Believe in our distant until we become near so our bondage heals are strength compressing us closely.

My letter has come to an end but hopefully not our frequency if you are a combustion of love you may reach me at the address above also send no emails only return addresses only an please be kind to add one photo of you.

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Women, Donations
African American
Aggravated Battery
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