Terrance Harden
Terrance Harden # B58708
P O Box 999
Pinckneyville   IL   62274   USA
I’m surprised I survived and overcame many obstacles by the grace of God.   I am grateful & fortunate to be saved & rescued from a self-destructive lifestyle of atrocious acts that inadvertently caused myself and others to feel pain.

Unfortunately, it was all necessary in order for me to learn the crucial lessons that enabled me to grow, mature, and evolve with time and profound regret. Because I’ve come to realize that I was an ignorant male in need of a productive purpose & direction. It’s been a humbling experience to reflect on all the conflict & confusion that progressively transitioned into depths of understanding and tranquility. I became a knowledgeable brother w/insight and enlightenment.  I pride myself on being genuine and sincere.I invest in-and-value my times. Possess high standards, great expectations, and have no tolerance for nonsense.

I can relate to a wide-range of differences and realize some people need to be inspired and motivated to exhale. So, I am willing to up-lift anyone who is in need of constructive advice, support, and encouragement. Because even the most strongest person needs someone to confide in for comfort.
But I rather interact with those who are goal oriented and striving to better their circumstances, because contentment and a lack of ambition are the cause that prevent people from succeeding. Nonetheless, it’s not my style to be judgmental so I accept anyone whole heartedly, if they not a liability to themselves.

So, if you’d like to exchange some meaningful, deep, exciting conversation w/a compatible brother. Then, why wait any longer?  Now is the best time to give me some feedback.  Besides I’d really love to get to know your individuality.

Thanks for your patience and attention!

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African American
Murder, Robbery, Attempted Murder
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence