David Sargent

It's no need to search any further, touch on this-you, me  & destiny got a date.

Today is that day to let fate take its rightful place in your life, so whatever you do make sure that you grasp the present and don't let it get away. Maybe you thought it wasn't ever going to happen-that it was impossible to meet someone like me, well understand that this is no coincidence, purpose serves us all and together in the "now"we have found the reason for the service of Pen Pal, but now it's up to you to follow through and make that alternate connection with me.

My name is David Sargent, #B- 55513. I'm a person that believes in allowing you to be you with no interjection or judgment because how else given the similitude and analogy of the Caterpillar can in turn into that beautiful butterfly if it's disallowed to be itself or is interrupted and prohibited, so I'm saying that with me you can open up and be yourself, because certainly I'm going to be myself.

I'm a self-taught litigator of the law, which is going to be a key to my freedom. I'm presently obtaining my associates degree. I write songs and poetry and working on a couple of books, and I do art in my leisure time.

Most assuredly you will come to know that I'm a person that's sincere, honest, respectful, ambitious, intriguing and creative in addition to a great host of other attributes all to the good. Get to know me like I'd like to know you and be your friend-or perhaps even moreā€¦ Take this moment to make your acquaintance known to me, I'm waiting in anticipation of "You".


David Sargent # B- 55513 
Hill Correctional Center 
P O Box 1200   
Galesburg, IL 61402 USA
Women, Friends, Legal Help
African American Native American
Murder Home Invasion Armed Robbery
Release Date
As of Now 01/05/42
Ad Start: 09-24-20
Ad Expiration:09-24-21