Floyd Durr # B54821
P O Box 99
Pontiac   IL   61764   USA
Floyd Durr
My name is Floyd Durr . . . D.O.B. 12.28.68 . . . age 54

I've been in I.D.O.C. for 24 years, serving time for murder and other allege crimes. However, if given the chance for you to get to know me and I you, Then we can go deeper and have a more open and honest introduction into each other's life. If given a chance to let someone, that could be that special someone in, then both of us could miss out if we don't give this a chance.

I heard this once, don’t cheat yourself out of what could be your forever, but the only way to know is to give someone a chance.

My attractions are honesty, loyalty, beautiful spirited heart, smile and eyes. Life experience 35 to 55 years weigh 100 to 165 a plus if you have a relationship with Christ.

Now as with me you see what I look like, but you have to get to know me and my heart in order to know me. I like to watch sports, football, aaseball, basketball. I also like to read urban, fiction, Syfy, mystery novels, also Zane and my daily bread Bible.

I'm an okay artist and I'm a creative person.

I'm a mature minded, youthful and loving person and not afraid anymore to give life and love a chance. I'm too old for mind and heart games. I'm Looking for a like-minded and heart person for me. I feel that I’m ready to put my heart out there and not cheat someone out of all the love that I have to give and me being open to being loved.

If you find that you would like to know more, hit me up, seek me out and find out more.

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