Tommie Williams
I am currently awaiting for an appeal on my conviction. 

Wrongfully convicted for hurting my fiancé, who only wanted to run back to her ex. It was so hard being in prison, not only being innocent,but put here by someone who you would have given the world to. Have I always been a good and faithful man, I think not, but the one time I was this is the outcome. Do I regret it, of course not. You live, learn, forgive and move on. Those that struggle with revenge are conquered, those that forgives our conquerors.

I am seeking to communicate with a woman. I already have a mom, aunts, sisters and daughters that I talk to on a regular. Your race, height, weight, age (adult), skin complexion, body measurements, religion or income mean nothing. I want to fall in love with your mind. My heart trying to reach your heart with our words.

I "DO NOT" need money. All of my children are adults with jobs plus my parents, siblings and friends take very good care of me. I am positive, if you are on this site searching for someone to write. You do not have to look any further. Write me, we found each other. I am what you are looking for. I am going to win my appeal and will be out of here no later than 2023 if it is God's will. The Covid-19 has slowed the courts down.

God bless and be safe.

Tommie Williams # B-52193
Shawnee Correctional Center
6665 State Route 146 East   
Vienna, IL 62995 USA
African American
Aggravated Domestic Battery
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-05-20
Ad Expiration:11-05-21