Bednago Harper

The greatest accomplishments in life occur when the velocity of our courage outweighs our fears.                                                                          

In this troubled era of Covid-19, oppressive political corruption, riots, rampant urban violence and racial dissension, there's never been a more critical urgency to spread the message of equality, peace and love. These unstable times have moved me to realize my greatest fear. That is the fear of dying unaccomplished behind the bleak walls of this prison. Not a fear of death in the physical sense, but the much greater fear of unfulfilled loss in not completing all that I set out to do in life.

This is much, much more than a profile seeking a pen pal. It is my urgent search for a highly enterprising, high-spirited and spunky go-getter who is unafraid of challenge. An intuitive and articulate female creation between life's splendid cycle of 45-60 calendars mature. Race is unimportant. What matters is that you understand the restrictions of my incarceration, and be willing to develop and maintain both a long-term friendship and marketing partnership for my artwork. This friendship has potential on many levels, and I expect nothing beyond what evolves to be. If you're adept at working a computer, and are stimulated by the art of the deal, we need to talk. Especially if you would enjoy negotiating deals and quality artwork, and are familiar with merchandising on eBay, Etsy, or

In one way or another, art touches us all. My art pays deserving respect to classic rock and old-school R&B artist past and present: Elton John, Jimmi Hendrix, Tom Petty, Prince, Stevie Nicks, Aretha Franklin, you name 'em and I have their portraits in my inventory. My extensive inventory also includes dramatic artwork of history greats like Martin Luther King, Ali, Malcolm X, a wide collection of wildlife, fantasy art and art depiciting social and civil rights issues. Worldly, wide and diverse. I see art as an outlet of the universal expression that knows no boundaries, a common thread of thoughts, colors and emotions that connect us all.

I'm 6'5", mentally, spiritually and physically fit, 56 and African American. Also a writer, my work has been published numerous times in the Journal of Ordinary Thought, The Beat Within, and other publications. My novel, "The Bloodline Resurrected" is in the final stages of publication and will be available soon.

This is certainly not your average inmate reaching out to you, and definitely not your typical man. Upon responding, you'll recognize that in time. Just keeping my head up and my heart open despite my circumstances , of which my higher power and I are destined to change. Upon reading this profile, you'll know exactly who you are, and exactly what you need to do. For the both of us. You'll find me very much worthy of your precious time.

Will respond to all.
Bednago Harper # B50687 Pontiac Correctional Center
P O Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764 USA
African American
1st Degree Murder
Fly like an Eagle
Endangered Species
A Dragon is born
The spirit of Jazz
Midnight Stallion
"His Royal Badness"
"Hotter Than July!"
"The King of Pop"
"Frddie Mercury!"
"The Showman"
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