Bednago Harper

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Please read this listing very carefully and in it's entirety. You may find the requirements somewhat selective and exacting. They are. Even so, you must meet every facet of the criteria to be considered. NO EXCEPTIONS. The response for this coveted position is expected to be huge, so please be patient awaiting my decision. I'll get back to you.

Only a particular type of woman, open-minded, intelligent,, sassy and classy. Not owing to anyone because you've already paid life's dues. Between 45 and 60 calendars mature, and open to building a special friendship to be developed through creative, respectful and uplifting correspondence. You must be a virgin, pure and untouched, uncorrupted by this world and uncorruptible by the people in it. Your race is insignificant, but you must be free of all sin. From birth to the present. Your background cannot contain any impure thoughts or actions of any kind. No mistakes in life, either. No failures, no regrets, no misgivings and no stumbles along the path at any point in your life. Not even a parking ticket, or a ticket for jaywalking. And heaven forbid you ever got in the express lane at the supermarket with more than 10 items in your cart! And if you've ever fibbed to get a day off from work, forget it. That's just taking it a bit too far.You've gotta be squeaky clean to get with this. That's how I roll.

Ain't it funny how people can ask more of others than they themselves can deliver? You won't find that here. Mine is a real world lived on life's terms.

I'm originally from Chicago, 55 calendars wise and mature, 6'5", physically fit and African American. Highly skilled in carpentry and woodworking, I'm a passionate self-taught artist specializing in wildlife, classic rock and themes of old-school R&B. Also a published author of several short stories and four novels to date. Just trying to keep my head up despite my present incarceration, of which my Higher Power, the Appellate Court and I are working to change. If you choose to respond, please believe that I place no expectations beyond what evolves to be. On any and all levels, you'll find me very much worthy of your precious time.

Need to hear from you soon. Will respond to all.
Bednago Harper

Bednago Harper # B50687 Pontiac Correctional Center
P O Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764 USA
African American
1st Degree Murder
Fly like an Eagle
Endangered Species
A Dragon is born
The spirit of Jazz
Midnight Stallion
Ad Start: 05/10/18
Ad Expiration:05/10/20