Bednago Harper

Is it you?                                                                          

I'm seriously searching for one particular woman of intellect and distinction. Your appreciation of the arts would be a definite plus, as well as being well read and high-spirited, all balanced out with common sense and a low tolerance for non-sense. Truthful, honest, understanding, a special friend understanding of my situation, perfect for me despite my imperfections.

I greatly appreciate a woman who's gently rough around the edges, yet well-rounded with an accomplished sense of a keen edged intuition that comes with constant growing we experience through life's many lessons. Classy, complex, yet uncomplicated. Like me, a never ending work in progress, unbreakable, somewhat domestic yet maybe not all the way domesticated.

Particularly attracted to a strong-willed woman, sensitive, delicate as a feather and hard as nails. This is a hard order to fill, I know, but the lady I'm seeking is not the least bit intimidated. In fact, you're smiling as you read these words because you know you've met your match!

In you, I envision a Heavenly Earth Goddess somewhere between life's cycle of 45-60 calendars mature. What I'm seeking is a long-term, special friendship that will be developed and nurtured through respectful, intellectual and uplifting correspondence. Your race is unimportant. What matters most is the understanding of my situation and honest willingness to learn and grow and get to know each other one letter at a time. Mine is a real world lived on life's terms, and I place no expectations beyond whatever evolves to be.

Originally from Chicago, I'm 56 calendars wise and mature, 6'5", fit on all levels, and African-American. I'm highly skilled in carpentry, home remodeling and woodworking, a self-taught artist specializing in themes of wildlife, classic rock and old-school R&B. I'm also a published author of several short stories and four novels to date. Definitely not your average inmate, and certainly not your typical man. Just trying to keep my head up despite my present incarceration, of which my Higher Power, the Appellate Court and I are working to change. On any and all levels you'll find me very much worthy of your precious time.

Hope to hear from you soon. Will respond to all.
Bednago Harper

Bednago Harper # B50687 Pontiac Correctional Center
P O Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764 USA
African American
1st Degree Murder
Fly like an Eagle
Endangered Species
A Dragon is born
The spirit of Jazz
Midnight Stallion
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