Bednago Harper
Pre Words:
An education is what you have left AFTER  you've forgotten everything you were taught in school.
                                                                                                                I said that

Throughout life, my strongest talent, my greatest tradition and my most driven passion has always been the eloquent expressing of my thoughts and visions through my art and my writing. The two have now culminated and merged at the crossroads of my life’s past, present and future.
Though troubled be the times, there has  never existed an era more urgent and critical for us all to open our hearts and minds and embrace and accept our unique and distinguishing differences.
These times have moved me to realize my deepest, darkest fear. That is the haunting, unacceptable fear of passing away unaccomplished behind the bleak walls of this prison. In my world, the prison does not exist that can contain the human mind. Therefore, despite my circumstances, I simply do my best to bloom where I'm planted.
Make no mistake. This profile is not the work of a scheming inmate with too much time on his hands, trying to run game or respondents. I'm not out to disrespect anyone's time or intelligence that way. This is a personal, very serious and all inclusive world-wide search for open-minded individuals of an artistic and creative persuasion.
The goal is to open, develop and build an all-inclusive network for sharing and nurturing of creativity on all levels of artistic expression, including the expressing of ideas and thoughts through the written word.
Let's help each other pass the information and extend the knowledge through the colorful strokes of our brushes and the uncontainable power of our pens. Your race, age, creed, religion, gender or sexual orientation does not matter. What matters most is your appreciation and willingness to share of the arts and the endless methods of artistic expression. That is what matters
My artwork pays deserving respect to Classic Rock, Country, Jazz and Old School R and B artists artists past and present. My extensive inventory also includes a huge and growing collection of wildlife paintings, landscapes, fantasy art and works depicting relevant social and  civil rights issues. Access information will be made freely available to all who write.
My writings have been published a number of times in the Journal of Original Thought, The Beat Within and several other publications. But soon, my proudest writing accomplishment to date titled “The Bloodline Resurrected,” will be published and available to all.
I'm already hard at work on my next publishing project, a three book series titled “NEUTRAL:  The Journey Manifest.”  I'm eagerly hoping to receive feedback on my work and will appreciate all responses.
Hopefully, this will open the door for an all inclusive and ongoing networking correspondence to all who are interested.
May we all continue to grow at our own pace and on all levels of life's creative and artistic measures.
More networking and websites are freely available at all who respond.
Thank you
Bednago “Ben” Harper

Bednago Harper # B50687
Pontiac Correctional Center
P O Box 99
Pontiac   IL   61764   USA

"Rock God Immortal"
"Tom Petty"
"A Child I Born"
"Gotham City Slugger"
"Cat On A Hot Tim Roof"
"Wild & Peaceful"
"Midnight Stallion I"
"You & I"
"Midnight Stallion II"
"Mighty Leos"
"Fairy Tales"
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