Roy Clemons

I will tell you a little about myself, I was born in Tennessee 12/29/50. I have been incarcerated since 1992. My out date is February 16, 29 for crimes that I'm innocent of as soon as I get out I will clear my name. I have had bad luck with attorneys , first one a public defender, and a corrupt judge and district attorney, next a wrongful conviction attorney that strung me and my family for about 4 1/2 years and $70,000, then ran off on me and a lot more people. Enough of this but I will answer have.

Now back 35 years ago I started drinking real heavy and made some real bad decisions and had a drug addict wife. At that point I had given up on myself. Now that's all behind me now and I know what I want.

So I am looking for some real friends not phony ones. At my age I don't have time for phony people. I got to make a lot of legal money so I won't be a burden on family or no one.

Now when I was young I traveled everywhere in the states in several countries. I did a lot of trades that profits good money. I set aside places that has gold, gem stones, and other things. Yes some time it's hard work when you live off the grid, but we make it comfortable, then several months you get to go anywhere to enjoy yourselves, but I like it in the country and mainly I want to spend a lot of time with my family and see them enjoy their lives. I got a lot of making up to do and share with all my family.

Now I might get out sooner. I am filing briefs, documents trying to get a time cut or time served, and a governor's clemency also. So if anyone wants to build a friendship and may be a relationship, only serious people please. I'm too old to play around. Then contact me by direct email, go online to GTL sign up or send phone number, all calls I pay for. Or write. Also I'm looking for legal help and advice.

Roy Clemons # B-34475
2500 Rt 99 South  
Mount Sterling, IL 22353 USA
Women, Friends, Legal Help
Sexual Assault
Release Date
02/16/29 Or Sooner
Ad Start: 07-02-20
Ad Expiration:08-15-21