Will E Williams
Will E Williams  # B- 25879
Pinckneyville Correctional Center
5835 State Route 154
Pinckneyville   IL   62274   USA
Hello everyone.

My name is Will. I’m a 50 years young D.O.B. 12-31-70.

I’m incarcerated for a charge of home invasion. My current release date is 4-21-2033.

I must begin by stating that I’m not pleased to inform everyone of such an charge above, yet I’m proud to state as a much matured man who sought and received forgiveness when we/I face simple wrongs with strong corrections our past can't hinder future success.

I’m educated yet I'm seeking to learn more daily. Now working on my Associates Degree. I’m a barber with many skills. I desire to have a shop or two and thanks to the many changes with justice reforms my desire may soon become reality.

I’ve completed countless self help programs, recently awarded a hospice certificate due to my love to help others who can’t help themselves. I’m an advocate for justice and peace for all irregardless of age, race or titles.

I welcome all honest letters, I can receive text messages through www.connectnetwork.com.

There is so much more to me than my charming smile which first caught your attention. If you are searching for that special someone to fill the emptiness in your life, allow my friendship a try.

Take care safety always, Sincerely, Will

Women, Men, Friends
African American
Non Denominational
Home Invasion
Release Date
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Ad Expiration:  01-20-23