Clifford Dougherty
Clifford Dougherty # B24623
12078 Illinois Rt 185
Hillsboro   IL   62049   USA
My name is Clifford Dougherty, I'm 54 years old. I was born March 22 in the year of our Lord 1968. I was born in the capital state of Springfield, Illinois. I'm 5’9” tall. I am 208 lbs. with blonde hair & blue eyes. My occupation is Concrete Construction & I'm the owner of my own company.

I am currently in the IDOC for leaving the scene of an accident. My sentence is 14 years at 50%. I have come to the conclusion that I am at fault & I truly regret what I've done. I am a born again Christian who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior & redeemers.

My hobbies are riding motorcycles, fishing, camping, taking care of my animals & also taking care of my 89-year-old mother. I would consider myself as a free spirit, adventurous &  oh ya I also love horseback riding (cowboy style).  I am looking for a fresh start in life & I am writing this biography in the hopes I find a life-long friend or if fate sees it then something much more. By the way I am  single & I am open to intimate relationships if God Wills, also I have 2 grown daughters who are grown & on their own.

What I came to learn about the mystery of life is that it isn't some problem to be figured out, but a reality to be experienced & I could love nothing more than to experience it with new & exciting relationships.

You know most of society sees us as outcasts but we are so much more, we laugh, we cry, we regret but most of all we love & that my friend is God's greatest gift, love and I'd love for you to write me..

Thank you & God bless.
Clifford Dougherty

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