Milton Pope
Milton Pope # B 17802   
Lawrence Correctional Center
10930 Lawrence Road    
Sumner, IL 62466 USA
My entire being has thirst for the precious love only a decent woman can produce. 

My heart of love, identified you as being the one who belongs here in its center. My heart in conspiracy with my mind urges me to communicate through words what I really want.

I want a woman who enjoys dwelling in those tender bonding moments in which will grow to be the key ingredient for that beautiful smile you wear so well.

I want to mindfully balance between quality time and needed space, so we can be together without you compromising your individualism. I want to admire you in  times you don't even realize. I want to carefully dazzle you in ways you never thought were humanly possible and in ways that'll raise question in your mind,"Am I really this worthy!"

I want to positively contribute to you being your best as you deserve, the way no other can appreciate you, I will always!

I simply enjoy giving the right woman a constant considerate daily dosage of love.

I like to write. I like music from rock-n-roll, to Rap, and R&B.

I don't mind learning new things, open to trying good stuff. I'm flexible. I like to cook. I'm a self-made handy man, can fix just about anything. I just want you to be your true self. Imperfections are accepted!

I've written
I'm awaiting you to write.


African American
2 Attempted Murders Home Invasion
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